Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Wednesdays are for ???

Yesterday I got caught up in "normal world" stuff so the blogging did not happen.
Since we are down to one car as long as hubby's has the doughnut tire on it, I took him to work and had to run all my errands for this week. Then I had Open Crochet night.
Tuesdays were for Crochet but I only crocheted at Crochet night. The afghan is coming along. I think I have 8 or nine strips done so I'm getting there. Soon I will lay them out and start connecting but until I do it's pretty boring to look at.

In other news, more related to knitting, I have started up the Christmas list with great gusto. (It makes me feel so much better to have all these projects started. Like I will somehow get done faster if they are all on the needles at once.)
These are the boot socks for my Brother-in-Law. As you can see, I have one done and the other is started. They are DK weight so they're quick! I love that.

Since I finished my Sister-in-Law's Monkey socks, I started up the other Sister-in-Law's Monkey socks. I'm loving the colors of this yarn and I'm hoping that she will too. They're coming along but I have to pay attention to the pattern so they aren't great for TV viewing.

I have several other projects on the needles too but some of them are Not-for-Blog content since some people might be stopping by (is anyone there?!) who might be getting gifts from me.

I forgot to mention that over the holiday weekend, my niece decided to take over my camera and take some pictures of me. We had taken some pictures of her so it was only fair. She's five but she managed to take this nifty picture of me and hubby in front of the fireplace at my parents' house. Then she made him leave so she could take 25 more pictures of me. Including an extreme closeup of my earring and my necklace. They have since been deleted but some of the other pics she took of me weren't so bad. This one turned out kinda cute though so I thought I'd share.

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