Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Struggle is Real

Life is life and it comes and goes and twists and turns. But as Christmas nears and things seems so different, I'm finding myself super nostalgic for the way things used to be.
We used to have Christmases at our house when I was growing up. We didn't have a big house and my mom was a single mother so we didn't have a lot of money either. But all my aunts and uncles and cousins would come and we would have all these cookies my mom had spent weeks baking and all the cousins would play together and the adults would talk together and it was lovely.
I miss that. This year we won't see my aunts, uncles and cousins as they are all busy with their families. We barely have time with my mom, brother and niece because they're all busy with their own things and we have a Christmas with my husband's family to get to also. And I love that we're making new traditions but I'm missing the old ones too.
Days spent together, eventually getting on each other's nerves and eating too many sweets. But all that lovely time together. Playing games and staying up late and all the things that come with family.
Instead I'll knit my Christmas Sock and be thankful we have wonderful memories. Although I'm finding it really hard to pull Christmas together this year, I'm going to keep on trucking and remember that it isn't the gifts or the cookies that matter.
Yarn is "Santa Jess" on Will & Grace Sock by Sparktickes Dyes (not dyeing right now but hopefully we can convince her to come back. This yarn is so lovely). I'm just knitting a plain stockinette sock on size 1 (2.25 mm) needles.