Friday, September 02, 2016

Friday Shenanigans

I swear I am so glad this week is done that I could cry. It was filled with some fun times but also a great deal of being so tired I could barely function and it was capped off with today. Let me give you a little example of how my day has gone so far.
8:00 am Half an hour before I am normally going to leave for work I frantically rush to the bathroom to semi tidy my hair since I need to leave immediately to handle a "work emergency" there is a spider. I am not a big fan of spiders. They have too many legs and move too fast. Normally we have one or two daddy long legs style spiders in the bathroom and I leave them alone. I figure they are pest control. This one though, this one looks like an Aragog wannabe (Harry Potter giant spider in case you don't get the reference and if you don't I'm not sure why you're reading this blog). It is on the corner where the ceiling meets the wall. Since I'm rushing out the door I decide to leave it. I run off to deal with a stressful day at work.

2:00 pm The husband is home and I briefly think that perhaps I should locate the Aragog spider so he can squish it (or remove it humanely, I don't really care. I just want it gone!) before he leaves for the weekend. It is nowhere in the bathroom. I decide I have more pressing things to deal with (like getting the husband to actually finish packing and get out the door!) so I decide it can wait.

6:20 pm Finally get the energy together to start doing the dishes. Go to the kitchen to start sorting things. Plates, bowls, etc. There's a few days worth since I've been so busy (no judging, I don't have a dishwasher and it's not my favorite chore) as I'm scooping the last of the silverware out what do I see? Freaking Aragog! Thankfully he appears to be dead. Wash him down the drain with scalding hot water and go knit instead.

Yup, glad this week is over.