Friday, August 31, 2007

New Things, Finally

Since I have this to show you:
It's the sweater for my niece's birthday which is in 21 days and it is DONE, done, done.
A closer picture? Sure. I'm feeling generous:
You can see the colors a little bit better in this one I think. Unless you look at it in very good light, like sunlight, you can barely tell the difference between the pink and the white, it's a very, very light pink. I like this about it. It has a rolled collar, cuff and hem and I think it turned out very cute. It's Red Heart Baby Teri so it's very soft and washable for her parents too. The pattern is sort of one from a Red heart Baby Teri book that I got on clearance somewhere.
Because I have that done and I frogged the diamond socks because I didn't like that pattern with that yarn, I also have this to show you:
It's the Yarn Harlot's Earl Grey Sock pattern. Only mine is for my husband's size 13 feet and it's knit out of Opal solid sock yarn in color: 1261. It's a very chocolately brown and I'm enjoying the pattern enormously.
My Earl Grey/Brown Socks are kinda stuck up though because they are insisting on activities. Tomorrow I'm taking them here: The Renaissance Festival
Wow, they sure are fussy, I don't know if I can keep them interested.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Okay, so last night at nearly midnight while making a grilled cheese sandwich, I was thinking about the similarities between grilled cheese sandwiches and knitting. Please note at this point that I think there is nothing strange about making grilled cheese sandwiches at nearly midnight nor thinking about knitting in relation to grilled cheese sandwiches at nearly midnight. Anyway, I was thinking that there is a certain art to grilled cheese sandwiches. Part of it depends on the consumer. Some people like them black as ash and very well done. Some people like them just barely toasted. I, personally, am somewhere in the middle. I like it a light golden brown with some meltiness of cheese but not overly toasted. The point and how it relates to knitting? Well, I think that designing knits are very similar. You want it to be interesting but not overly loud. I think we have all seen the awful, gaudy projects that none of us would ever make. But someone out there loves it and loves to knit it. Then there are the plain jane projects that make you want to gouge out your eyes with dpns but honestly, there are people out there who love that straight-forward, plain project. Me, again, I'm somewhere in the middle. I like something to keep my interest and yet, I like to have that plain jane knitting that you can do while watching a movie or something too. Honestly, it depends on so much, my current mood, the amount of yarn I have on hand and some idea of the yarn that will be required. The other day, just to use some good yarn that I have but only have a skein or two of about 6 colors, I almost convinced myself that I liked a 6 color fair isle sweater. Luckily I caught myself in time because unless that was absolutely perfectly designed it would be gaudy and I'm sorry, it was gaudy! That of course is my own opinion (and for discretion, I won't mention the pattern I was considering) Other people might think that my grilled cheese sandwiches are underdone or overdone. It's all perspective.
It got me to thinking that there's something in there about life too, but at nearly midnight, I try not to get that involved.

Huh, deep thoughts for over grilled cheese sandwiches at nearly midnight. Who would've thought?

Monday, August 27, 2007


I seem to have caught the mother of all summer colds and so, I am planning to lie on the couch with a cup of tea and knit the pink thing until I pass out from exhaustion. With this cold that happens about every two hours. Especially since I am sick of the pink thing and I'm bored with it.
Meanwhile, I tried setting a goal for myself that I would finish at least two projects before I started anything else and then I thought, why should knitting have all these strict rules. It's supposed to be a "hobby" (or lifestyle more like) after all and that implies fun. So, I promptly cast on another project. Pictures later when my head is less fuzzy.
I am, however faithfully knitting the pink thing as much as I can even though I'm starting to hate it with a passion.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Private Shame, now brought public

So, apparently, 'tis the time of year that all bloggers need to come out of the closet about how many works in progress are on the needles. At least I am in good company with this shame so here goes.

What is it? It's a sweater for my niece's second birthday. Since the birthday is coming up in September, this needs to get finished or will not be gifted. The yarn: It's Baby Teri and kinda cute I just have pushed it aside for other things.
Like what you ask? Well, like this:
What is it? It's a Fiber Trends Felted Clog. It's meant for my mother-in-law for Christmas so it is ahead of schedule, but since I intend to knit several more for the other family members on my husband's side and possibly some for my side of the family, I need to get going on this.
The yarn: Lion wool, it's not bad. I like the colors and I think it will look nice felted, I've just gotten addicted to knitting lace and this is the opposite of knitting lace. As it's knitted on size 13 needles.

3. The aforementioned lace:
What is it? The Mystery Stole 3. I am severely behind on this because I haven't been knitting it for weeks and now all the clues are out and I haven't even finished clue 3. Yikes, this needs help. I do want to finish it. I love being a part of a community knitting it all together and I love the yarn and the beading, it just requires some concentration, which I'm not always the best at.

4. (No picture available)
This is the main thing I have been knitting. It's pink and for a friend who just had a baby. It's not huge so I need to hurry up and finish it before the baby outgrows it. I can't post a pic since she might stop by here. I promise pictures when it's done.

What is it? It's a funky knit-the-long-way scarf and hat of my own design. It's very strange and kinda cool, it's just been too hot for me to knit anything big like this. Plus, when it's over 90 degrees fahrenhiet who wants to think about winter?

What is it? The picture is awful, I know. It's actually a toe-up white ribbed sock. I just started it the other day because I needed something to knit at the movies. I only plan to knit this when I leave the house. It's a good take-along, mindless knitting project. The yarn: it's just a baby acrylic that I thought would be nice for a tight-knit sock. We'll see how it turns out.

7. (Okay, this is getting embarrassing.)
What is it? Diamond Pattern socks of my own design. The pattern is modified from the Knitting Pattern calendar. I like them, but you have to pay attention to what you're doing so it doesn't make great take-along knitting. The yarn is Sockotta. It's very pretty and I think the socks will be really neat when finished. These are low on the priority list.

8. This is the last thing, I promise. And technically, I don't know if it should be considered unfinished.
The knitting part of this is done. It's my yellow Tesoro Sweater. I love it. So much that even though it hasn't been blocked and doesn't have buttons yet, the other day, I wore it anyway when I was cold. I want to finish it but I want to block it once the buttons are on and I haven't found just the right button yet. I just feel like they should speak to me and I haven't found any that have. The color of this picture does not do it justice. It's the most beautiful yellow you have ever seen. It's almost the same shade as a yellow post-it note and so soft, I want to melt into it.
Well, time to prioritize and figure out what needs to get finished.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Wow, does the time fly

I know, I know, I'm a bad blogger. I have had my days filled with friends' children and then with other activities. I have gotten some knitting done, but not enough to post about.
Meanwhile, we finally got the rain we've been needing for months. So much so that in the southeastern corner of Minnesota there's flash flooding and people have been dying. Scary how we can go from nothing to everything in such a short amount of time.
The only thing that saddens me about the rain is the gray dismal color of the sky for the past 3 days. It makes my energy level go ploosh down into the toilet. I have been sleeping like crazy but I also think I'm fighting off a cold so it doesn't surprise me.
Anyway, not much else to post about right now. Until later.
P.S. I promise I'll come up with some pictures soon.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sort of a teaser

Stealth knitting for a friend who is actively on the internet and may stop by here keeps me from posting pictures and a number of family events lately has meant that there isn't too much to say about other knitting because I've been driving nearly all over the state of minnesota to all of these events. It's been great but very busy schedule.
I haven't done much on the mystery stole so I have just been setting aside the weekly clues to work on later. I really for sure want to finish it though, so it's still on my list.
In non-knitting news, I got the last installment of Harry Potter last weekend and read it yesterday. Yes, I finished it yesterday. Well, technically, I stayed up almost all night and finished it this morning. Less than 24 hours though. Totally worth being this zonked today. :)
Not much else to say. I'll be back another day with some pictures. Thanks for stopping by.