Friday, February 27, 2015


Okay, I admit it, I'm a total blog-slacker. It's really tragic too because there could be so many great things that I blog about but I just don't. Maybe part of the problem is that my interests are varied and I need to expand the blog to cover other topics too. Like my organization goals. I am in absolute love with my filofax and could wax poetic about it for hours. Although I still sometimes struggle with juggling work life and home life, it has helped me so much!
Anyway, that's really a topic for another day. I'm here today to talk about knitting. I'm in the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup (HPKCHC) again this term which runs from January to March. Each month, you need to complete at least one class to maintain your "good standing" for sorting priority. Since I love my Ravenclaw tower and want very much to stay in the tower, I do try.
Usually it's pretty easy. I craft what I'd like and use some imaginative story-telling to make it fit one of the prompts. They love imaginative storytelling in that group. Sometimes I read the prompts first and pick something to craft based on one of them. That's what happened this time. The prompt was for a cowl and I was wanting to make a new one.
I had seen a friend's cowl and absolutely loved it. I asked her about it (she's a knitter too! Hi Jessica!) and she let me look at it at one of our knit nights. Then I stalked her Ravelry Projects and found the pattern she had used and the needles. It actually called for Bulky yarn but I had a skein of yarn I had just so happened to purchase from her destash that I was dying to knit immediately.

Three Irish Girls Springvale DK in Nightscapes. It was so colorful and lovely I just couldn't resist. I knew it would be perfect for this cowl. Although it's DK it seemed a bit thicker to me, more like a worsted weight so I chose the needles I thought would work with the yarn, guessed at a cast on number and started knitting. Within 24 hours, it was cast off. It was a really fun weekend project. It looked a little funny before blocking.

It really bunched up. But it blocked beautifully and came up to be just what I wanted.

I can use it as an infinity scarf if I wish or easily loop it twice around my neck for more warmth. I think I could maybe even get it around a third time if I wanted to.

Plus, I love all the colors. It goes with almost everything I own and I love that.
The confession that goes along with this project? I actually turned it in for January's HPKCHC. Oops, I sort of forgot that I was going to write about it. Here it is almost the end of February and I'm just getting to it. See? Total blog-slacker.
Also, I *may* have been stalking people's destash pages to find more yarn and make more of these. I love it and I think about everyone I know would love it too. In different colors of course.