Friday, October 20, 2017

Isn't It Supposed to Make Things Easier?

Just popping in to let you know I haven't forgotten you.
Our router died at home and that means I have very limited access to the internet since all of my devices connect via wifi so I haven't been able to be on the blog or Ravelry much.
I am getting lots of knitting done though so I hope to be back soon when we figure out our technology issues. I swear it was invented to make things easier and sometimes it does but when you're troubleshooting and fixing, it's so much worse!

Friday, October 06, 2017

The Rare Selfie

I find it interesting that all the trees are turning beautiful colors and yet the sky is so gray and dark lately that I haven't been able to get any decent pictures of knitting.
I'm working away on my purse socks and have also started a couple of new things (more on that another day) but I just can't seem to get any decent pictures.
We had a few hours of sunlight one afternoon this week but I was busy with other things and didn't get my pictures taken so you'll have to make do with just my random musings.
It's Friday and I'm grateful. I have been stressed and overworked this week trying to get some of the treasurer work caught up at my job. Have I mentioned here that I took over the treasurer work? I started that in February and most of the time, it isn't too big of a deal but over the last couple of months a few random questions came up and I was so stressed over figuring them out. I really wanted everything resolved by the end of the year (because it has to be) and it was making me crazy. Doing the books for a church is pretty complicated actually. In some ways it's like balancing a checkbook but there are all these accounts. And there's an account where the money goes in and then another number to draw the money out again and they have to be connected together. Not something you want to think about if you don't have to. Trust me. Anyway, I stayed late yesterday and got all of that caught up so I feel so relieved today to only have my usual Friday tasks that I feel like dancing in the streets!
Instead I'll probably go home and knit. That's my modus operandi for a Friday evening. Relax at home, grateful for the end of the work-week.
I ran all my errands earlier this week too so all I have to do is go home today.
Since I don't have any pictures of knitting to share instead I will share a rare selfie I took in the bathroom at work this morning.
Yes, I'm wearing a non-knitted scarf. But it's cute! I'm not usually one for a selfie but I thought it was fun as this is the first time I'm wearing this scarf. It may be acrylic but it's cozy.
Have a great weekend friends.