Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sort of a teaser

Stealth knitting for a friend who is actively on the internet and may stop by here keeps me from posting pictures and a number of family events lately has meant that there isn't too much to say about other knitting because I've been driving nearly all over the state of minnesota to all of these events. It's been great but very busy schedule.
I haven't done much on the mystery stole so I have just been setting aside the weekly clues to work on later. I really for sure want to finish it though, so it's still on my list.
In non-knitting news, I got the last installment of Harry Potter last weekend and read it yesterday. Yes, I finished it yesterday. Well, technically, I stayed up almost all night and finished it this morning. Less than 24 hours though. Totally worth being this zonked today. :)
Not much else to say. I'll be back another day with some pictures. Thanks for stopping by.

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