Friday, August 31, 2007

New Things, Finally

Since I have this to show you:
It's the sweater for my niece's birthday which is in 21 days and it is DONE, done, done.
A closer picture? Sure. I'm feeling generous:
You can see the colors a little bit better in this one I think. Unless you look at it in very good light, like sunlight, you can barely tell the difference between the pink and the white, it's a very, very light pink. I like this about it. It has a rolled collar, cuff and hem and I think it turned out very cute. It's Red Heart Baby Teri so it's very soft and washable for her parents too. The pattern is sort of one from a Red heart Baby Teri book that I got on clearance somewhere.
Because I have that done and I frogged the diamond socks because I didn't like that pattern with that yarn, I also have this to show you:
It's the Yarn Harlot's Earl Grey Sock pattern. Only mine is for my husband's size 13 feet and it's knit out of Opal solid sock yarn in color: 1261. It's a very chocolately brown and I'm enjoying the pattern enormously.
My Earl Grey/Brown Socks are kinda stuck up though because they are insisting on activities. Tomorrow I'm taking them here: The Renaissance Festival
Wow, they sure are fussy, I don't know if I can keep them interested.

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