Thursday, September 06, 2007

What we did on our long weekend

Okay, so I'm a bad blogger again. Here I sit with all these pictures and I don't blog them. Bad blogger!
Have I been punished enough?
I have pictures :) Does that appease the blog?
Here we are arriving at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.
The Sock was welcomed warmly. (That's my hubby's arm in that pic.)
Please note that in order to arrive for the opening which was at nine am. We got up and left our house by 6:00 am. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am SO not a morning person so it speaks volumes about me that I didn't hit our friend Jay at all that day, even though it was his idea to get up that early.
We met a knight (or kuh-niget if you are a Monty Python follower, specifically The Holy Grail)
It isn't really a knight. It was very warm out that day and anyone wearing this getup would have been passed out after about 15 minutes. It's a miniature suit of armor outside one of the many, many fabulous vendors.
We went on the Enchanted Forest/Secret Garden walk through the woods but the sock couldn't get close to the enchanted creature houses.
You can't tell from this picture but this house is about 4 feet tall at it's tallest point. It's absolutely adorable and there are several of these on the walk. There are signs that tell you about them and this one is the Bakery where I think a gnome is supposed to bake all night. It's super cute and even the kids love it.
Also while on this hike through the woods we saw this:
It's a door that leads right out onto a little pond. We walked over a really cute stone bridge over the pond. It's so beautiful and if we hadn't had about 18 children and their parents following us through the trail (please note there were several parents. It wasn't one family with 18ish children) it would have been very peaceful too.
I wanted to get a pic of me and hubby under this beautiful arch
Due to the excessive number of children behind us though, we didn't want to delay too long.
I didn't take a whole lot more pictures and for some reason, I didn't take any of the charming hobbit hole, but I did see some of these:
They had a petting farm with goats (as above) and sheep. One of the reasons they had sheep was this:

It's a sheepdog trial. Although I took several pictures while we watched this, I can't seem to see a dog and sheep in any picture. Oh well, the sheep are what you pay to see huh?
Overall we had a wonderful time. So much to see and so many people in amazing costumes. We are talking about making out own (okay, me making them) for next year. We'll see. No matter what though, it'll be a blast!
Tomorrow, what I bought (sadly, no yarn to be found although there were a few knitted projects but I didn't get any. I can't see spending $22.00 or so on a knitted hat when I can make my own. Sorry.)
P.S. You kinda don't feel as weird for taking pictures of a sock-in-progress while others are walking around in costumes.

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