Monday, September 10, 2007

Finally, the things I brought home

Unexpected real life stuff has kept me away from the computer and blogging. Sorry, sometimes, that stuff happens.
I also lost the pictures of what I brought home and had to take new ones, so I finally got around to that today.
This is a handmade mug (that currently contains coffee) and two dragon picture prints from an artist. I got the prints because I thought that I could possibly color them myself (I did go to school for art.) and then mat and frame them to hang in my home. The prints that were colored in the shop were absolutely beautiful but out of my price range if I wanted to eat that day, so, I just settled for something I could use and afford. I would imagine that this is absolutely NOT what the artist had in mind but since they are simply for my own use, I think it is okay. The mug is a beautiful purple (my favorite color) with some blue on the top and while it doesn't have one of the beautiful Renaissance Festival logos on the side, I chose it because it is easier to wash out (I can fit my hand in it) and I can therefore use it for coffee. :)
This is a necklace that I bought myself which is a unicorn with a little jewel kind of thing and a present from my hubby. A Pewter castle. (He said he wanted to buy me something and I said that this would be good so, there you go.) The castle is very small.
Observe the mug added for scale. I find the fact that it is tiny very amusing. Since we will most likely never own a castle that we can live in, this will do for me. I love it and keep it on my nightstand where I can look at it every night and every morning.
I also bought my mother a Christmas ornament that was intended to be for Christmas and a slice of handmade paper (I always call it a slice, I think it's fun and weird) and an envelope that is coffee scented. My mom is a total coffee hound and so, I thought she would enjoy it. I am impatient though and have already given her both. (The ornament was meant to be a Christmas gift). You don't need to tell me how unbelievably stupid this was of me. I should have saved it for Christmas, that would have been one less thing I would have had to knit, but I love giving people gifts. What can I say. I am deluded.

What happened to the Earl Grey/Brown socks? Well, they have been cast aside temporarily because these
had a deadline. They are for my uncle (with whom we currently live) for his birthday which is coming up. I am pretty proud of myself that I have these finished. I bought the yarn at my LYS on Tuesday afternoon and finished them last night (Sunday). It's Trekking sock yarn and the ball band is downstairs so I will tell you the color later. It's a simple rib pattern knit on size US2 needles.

After going nuts on socks for awhile (The first of the Earl Grey/Brown is finished) I needed something to help me keep my sanity. That's where this comes in:
It's going to be a kind of shawl/wrap thingy and it's knit on size 11 needles. More about this later.
I would, however like to note that husbands can be taught to appreciate wives. This morning I was awakened to a plate of scrambled eggs being handed to me, in bed. Dude is totally going to get lucky.
Later, I will tell you about the best yarn purchases ever and my deluded Christmas project list that I totally think I can get done in time.
Note: Does anyone else out there watch the NBC series Heroes? We missed most of the end of the last season and so, purchased it on DVD. We just finished it yesterday. Wowie! I can't wait for the new season to start.

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