Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Okay, so last night at nearly midnight while making a grilled cheese sandwich, I was thinking about the similarities between grilled cheese sandwiches and knitting. Please note at this point that I think there is nothing strange about making grilled cheese sandwiches at nearly midnight nor thinking about knitting in relation to grilled cheese sandwiches at nearly midnight. Anyway, I was thinking that there is a certain art to grilled cheese sandwiches. Part of it depends on the consumer. Some people like them black as ash and very well done. Some people like them just barely toasted. I, personally, am somewhere in the middle. I like it a light golden brown with some meltiness of cheese but not overly toasted. The point and how it relates to knitting? Well, I think that designing knits are very similar. You want it to be interesting but not overly loud. I think we have all seen the awful, gaudy projects that none of us would ever make. But someone out there loves it and loves to knit it. Then there are the plain jane projects that make you want to gouge out your eyes with dpns but honestly, there are people out there who love that straight-forward, plain project. Me, again, I'm somewhere in the middle. I like something to keep my interest and yet, I like to have that plain jane knitting that you can do while watching a movie or something too. Honestly, it depends on so much, my current mood, the amount of yarn I have on hand and some idea of the yarn that will be required. The other day, just to use some good yarn that I have but only have a skein or two of about 6 colors, I almost convinced myself that I liked a 6 color fair isle sweater. Luckily I caught myself in time because unless that was absolutely perfectly designed it would be gaudy and I'm sorry, it was gaudy! That of course is my own opinion (and for discretion, I won't mention the pattern I was considering) Other people might think that my grilled cheese sandwiches are underdone or overdone. It's all perspective.
It got me to thinking that there's something in there about life too, but at nearly midnight, I try not to get that involved.

Huh, deep thoughts for over grilled cheese sandwiches at nearly midnight. Who would've thought?

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