Monday, December 29, 2008

Flamed Out

I have definitely flamed out on re-entry. I have a little bit of an earache and an exhaustion such as I don't think I have ever known before. All deadlines were met although the scarf was finished on Christmas day but my dad didn't care.

I am taking care of this exhaustion both mental and physical by drinking coffee, doing nothing constructive whatsoever and knitting whatever I want. (Hint: It's for me.)

There are still a few gifts that I'd like done by Christmas in Wadena which is on January 17 with my extended family but they can wait a day or two. I need a little mental break.

I'll wash the dishes and clean the house and put away our abundant gifts later but I just wanted to check in here and mention that we had a very wonderful Christmas, filled with people we love who love us back and I'm gonna go make the bed with our beautiful new sheets and take a nap.

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