Tuesday, December 23, 2008


1. In the last few days I have been tempted to say screw it all and just go shopping and not knit any more gifts.
What stopped me? Um, aside from the insane crowds at the malls and all other stores? I feel bad. I love these people, why not knit for them?

2. I have been tempted to forget this stupid living in Minnesota crap and move somewhere warm, without snow. Like Jamaica or someplace.
Not really sure what stopped me here. Lack of money for a ticket? The thought of moving again?

3. I have been tempted to forget about Tuesdays are for Crochet and take knitting to crochet night so I can get something else done.
I didn't. I crocheted a dishcloth that might be an after-Christmas gift to someone.

4. I've been tempted to forget about my to-do list as long as my arm and clean the house. I haven't cleaned the bathroom in like two weeks and it's driving me crazy. Plus I spilled some laundry soap on the bathroom floor (while handwashing gifts in the sink) and I have been SO tempted to use it to mop in there. I never thought I'd say that I am looking forward to cleaning!

5. I've been tempted to completely give up trying to get everything baked, knit and wrapped. Who needs it?
But I'm so close!

Today is my last chance. I'm behind by a sock. I still have deluded beliefs that I might finish. Ya know, if I completely disregard my need for sleep tonight. (I almost did last night but at 2:00 am, I decided I needed at least a few hours.)

Merry Christmas to everyone! (Or, you know, whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year.)

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