Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Planning Ahead

Continuing with our parade of finished items, we have more socks:

Does anyone get tired of my endless parade of socks?
These are also boot socks, knit of DK weight yarn. They are the exact opposite of the other boots socks so I won't bother with specs. They are just blue with grey heels and toes instead of grey with blue heels and toes. Knit to men's size 11.5.

I am thinking about the secret present. The one I was gonna frog. I don't think I want to.
Last night at our knitting party the lovely Leah suggested that I might be able to needle felt on it. I also thought if I could stitch on it a little, it might not be so bad.
I would like to believe that I can make it work or I might be up all night coming up with a new plan which involves me building an igloo in the snow that's falling again and hiding until after Christmas so I don't have to worry about finishing anything.

We'll see.

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