Thursday, December 04, 2008

In which I deal with housework

Since today I am finishing (I hope) the boot socks, which look the same and working on the secret project that I can't post until it is gifted, I don't have any pictures today.
As a matter of fact, I don't think I'm very interesting at all today. I'm going to chatter away anyway, so feel free to skip ahead.

I have never spoken of my relationship with housework here on the blog.

I Hate it.

I work very part-time and so, I am home more than not. That makes pretty much all the household stuff my responsibility. Not that it wasn't when I was working full-time. (Hubby is not a "clean" person.)
That means that my normal list of things to do looks like this:
Get up
Make the bed
Plan dinner
Buy Groceries
Run all other household errands
Wash dishes
Do the laundry
Make Dinner
Vacuum (when I do)
Dust (when I do)
Clean the bathroom

My husband's list of things to do looks like this:
go to work
Take out the Recycling (when wife reminds you repeatedly and the recycling is overflowing)
Take out the garbage (when wife reminds you)

I have a natural tendency to not want to clean but I want things to be clean so I end up doing it anyway. We are both Stashers. We have lots of crap. To me, it should be organized so I can find stuff and my brain doesn't expend all its energy thinking about how nice it would be if things were clean because I want them clean and organized. Then I spend all my time organizing.

This month isn't going to be pretty.
In order to get all my knitting done, I think I'm going to have to let go of my obsessive need to tidy things up. I don't know if I can do it. Today, I was going to work solely on the secret project so I gave myself leave to watch movies and lay about. Here's what I did today:

Get up, make coffee, brush teeth, wash face, make the bed, get dressed, drink coffee while making english muffin for breakfast, eat english muffin, watch TV while knitting, get up several times to do other things, Start a movie (Pirates of the Caribbean the Curse of the Black Pearl for anyone interested in those things.), try to sit still and knit, chat with my brother on Messenger, talk to my mom on the phone, try to knit, chat with my brother some more, send several work-related emails, go to kitchen to make lunch, put away clean dishes first, make lunch, sit at computer chatting with brother while eating lunch, blog, worry about other chores that need to be done today, drink coffee, work on boot socks instead of secret project.

Yeah, I'm not doing so hot. I may need one of those nifty schedules people have been talking about.

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