Tuesday, December 09, 2008


The last few days have been trying and I have been trying to hold it all together.
When last we left our intrepid Knitblogger (don't you hear superhero music as I say that? I do, but maybe it's just because I'm married to geek-husband.) she was preparing for a meal for 13.
How did it go?

The apple pies. Shown here amid various baking things at their house.
It went great. We had two turkeys which were almost completely gone. We munched later in the day though so it wasn't all at one big meal. The pies turned out well and one whole pie came home with us. (That's because the pumpkin dessert was so darned good!)

Later in the evening as geek-husband and geek-friends gamed, I sat and knit with the other ladies. I managed to get this done:

These are the Peaks 'n' Valleys socks that I have been working on for what feels like FOREVER.
The specs:
The Yarn: Sockotta sock yarn. I lost the ball band so I couldn't tell you the color number, oops.
The Needles: Knit on US size 2 bamboo dpns
The Pattern: Peaks 'n' Valleys Socks (ravelry link) from this book.
The Recipient: Originally intended for my step-sister, I'm now debating so I'll decide later. Hopefully before the gifting day.
Notes: I love this pattern but hated knitting these socks almost the whole time. Why? I'm not sure. I don't love the color repeats in the yarn. I don't like the wide stripes things and the socks are fraternal which doesn't make me very happy either. I don't know but I will knit the pattern again but I most likely will not buy the wide stripes yarn again.
How fraternal are they?

This means that with the boot socks finished earlier in the week, I managed to meet my goal for the week. I'm still on track with my Christmas knitting. These last few weeks will be harrowing but I still (maybe delusionally) think I can do it.

Then something happened which the Knitblogger did not intend. (Why yes, I have been watching Lord of the Rings. What? It gives me copious knitting time.)

Saturday night, an hour from home, we are getting ready to go home. I pack up the leftovers that we are taking with us and get everything organized and ready to be loaded up. Hubby goes out to start the car. Nothing. It's dead.
What do I do?

Console myself with yarn of course.

We get out the jumper cables, we attempt to jump it.


I start knitting. We let it charge, we wait. Nothing. We watch a hilarious old movie on TCM. Bachelor Mother. We try again. Still nothing.

We end up spending the night on the couch at our friends' house. In the morning, we try again. Nothing. We call Mechanic-Uncle. He comes to the rescue and jumps it with his pickup and our friend's car. It starts. Success. I drive home instead of letting hubby drive.

We get home fine. No problems. We sleep. Monday morning arrives. Hubby goes to move it for the snowplows. Dead.
Firk, ding, blast!!!

Hubby's car has a doughnut tire on it still. We find the receipt. It says it was purchased at Cenex in my hometown in 2006. It has a 3-year free replacement. Hooray! Problem. No Cenex with a service station in St. Cloud. We can't get to my hometown Cenex with one donut tire car and one totally dead car. I speak to my mother. She offers to take the afternoon off work and come get me, we will exchange battery.
I agree. She comes. We go to Cenex. The mechanic guys are at lunch. We have to come back in an hour. We go bother brother.

I knit and worry. An hour passes so we go back to Cenex. It isn't their battery. Then mom remembers (my car used to be her car.) she had a dead battery at my grandma's once. My brother traded batteries with her. They never traded back. We go to brother's house.
He doesn't have a receipt.
I knit.

I worry. We go to Wal-Mart to exchange anyway. They exchange it.


My mom brings me home. We install the battery.
Yay women! We did it!!!
It starts right up! Hooray.

I come upstairs and get ready and go to Crochet class.
I think it's okay now. I was really worried not only that it wouldn't be fixable but also that I would have to spend all of our money on a new battery.

My mom's house is 2 repeats on a Monkey sock away.

One is done so I'm going to completely disregard my own Tuesdays are for Crochet rule (at least until tonight) and work on the other one.

That or this:

Another pair of boot socks. This time they will be blue with grey heels and toes.

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