Monday, December 15, 2008

Still Hopeful

To start off with, I'm sorry I went MIA for a few days there. I went down to my mom's house to do some baking with her. (Our oven acts kinda funky sometimes and I was afraid I would destroy anything I would try to bake.) I had thought I would have time to post on Thursday before I left but time got away from me as it tends to do.
Since we are down to one vehicle for now (so close to the tires, I can almost smell the nasty new rubber smell) I had hubby drive me down to my parents' and then come and get me on Friday. The whole weekend kinda went Whooo hoooo! at us after that. The weather decided to throw a big old storm at us. Our friends were supposed to come up and see us but the weather kept them safely at home. We went out to lunch on Saturday for a baby shower. I gifted the mom-to-be with this:

This is the first thing I have ever knit for a baby and I think it's hilarious how tiny it is. It's pictured here with a cute little candle holder thing on my coffee table. It's a little votive inside just so you can see the scale.

While I was down at my parents' I managed to finish these as well.

These are my second pair of Monkey socks.
The specs:
The Yarn: Sockotta in the poetically named colorway 6515
The Needles: Knit on size US 2 Bamboo dpns
The Pattern: Monkey from the incomparable Cookie A. at Knitty
Notes: I don't really have anything else to say about these. I like the Monkey pattern a lot though so I KNOW I will knit it again. (Maybe for me the next time!)
I tried on the socks for modeling purposes.

Does this not epitomize Winter in Minnesota? It sure does to me. On the loveseat in front of the fireplace, knitting and drinking coffee/tea/cocoa.
One more gratuitous shot of the socks:

They look pretty nice if I do say so myself. I think they will be well-received.

Tomorrow we will continue the marathon of project finishing. We're down to about 9 days and I'm still nervous about getting as much done as I need to do but I'm still hopeful that I can do it.

I'm dying to tell you about the disaster that happened with the secret project but I can't yet. After it's gifted, I promise.

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