Friday, December 05, 2008

Apple Pies

Let's get the knitting content out of the way, you know, just in case anyone stops by to actually see knitting. (Ha!)
I'd like to apologize right up front for the quality of the pictures today. The sky is a sort of soul-sucking grey so I couldn't get very nice light.

I finished the Boot Socks and here they are:

TJ's Boot Socks
The Specs:
The Yarn: SRK On Your Toes Sock Yarn, DK weight, 1 skein Blue and one skein Grey (although their colors are just numbers)
The Needles: US size 4 bamboo
The Pattern: Just a basic plain stockinette sock with contrasting heels and toes.
The Size: Knit to Men's size 13
The Recipient: My Brother-in-Law TJ will be getting these for Christmas.
Notes: I was very worried that I would run out of this skein of the grey yarn. I have another, set aside for another pair of socks but I wanted this one to last through these socks, it did. I don't know if there's enough to do a blue pair with grey heels and toes but that's what I want to work on next.

As soon as this is finished and I get my size 4 dpns back that is:

What is it? All will be revealed in the fullness of time.

Okay, back to the title of the post.
Tomorrow is the day I lose my mind. Why you may ask? I am packing up everything I will need and trucking in an hour to cook a large Thanksgiving-style dinner for 13.
Yeah, I know, nuts I tell you. In order to prepare for that meal, I am baking 2 apple pies today. (The only thing that anyone else is doing is making a pumpkin dessert so I don't need to do pumpkin pies.)
I like to cook and this is for a big group of our friends and they are pitching in money to help with cost and all that but I still think I'm nuts.
We did a meal several years ago for them (right after we got married) and it was a ton of fun. The problem this year is that this is my kitchen.

See the wall on the left in the bottom corner? That's the end of the kitchen. The Fridge is the other side of the kitchen. It's small.
As a person who likes to cook and bake and does both often, you would think, what was she thinking moving to a place with this tiny of a kitchen.
The answer is that it wasn't the only factor in our moving here. Cost as well as closet space were bigger factors. You can't see it but there's a decent pantry closet next to that red plastic shelf thing. That makes it do-able. I still worried about the kitchen but once I got it organized and I got into a groove it isn't bad. It's actually convenient to not have to wander back and forth all the time but because of the size of kitchen, here is my counter.

Yeah, you see that? It's about 2 square feet. That's where I'm rolling out pie crust. Right next to the stove. That's why my homemade from scratch pie crusts are so soft (despite my having refrigerated them). The bottom crusts kinda look like Dr. Frankenstein made them.
Too bad, so sad. I think I might tell the guys that if they say one word about the crusts tomorrow (ya know, except for "Wow these are absolutely beautiful homemade pie crusts. You are an amazingly talented woman") that they won't be getting ANY pie. Or dinner for that matter.

Just sayin'

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