Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Breathe, just breathe!

You may or may not have noticed (but I did) that over the last few days my post titles have gotten a little weird. Maybe not so creative. Maybe don't tie into the post like I try to get them to do. I may be nearing the edge pretty quickly. I give you exhibit A:

This is a sugar cookie that required surgery last night. It was successful but

He's still angry. I think it might be the lederhosen. Not sure though.

I did manage to finish something yesterday:
(Drumroll please)
May I present: The Pirate Mittens

The Specs:
The Yarn: Patons Classic Wool Merino in Aran and Black.
The Needles: US size 7 bamboo dpns
The Pattern: Pirate Mittens a free pattern from Hello Yarn
The Recipient: A Family Friend's Daughter. Julia.
Notes: The original pattern calls for sock-weight yarn and knit on MUCH smaller needles (US size 3) I tried it. It didn't work. Then I went to heavier yarn and size 4 needles. Still, didn't work. This young lady is taller than me so I think her hands will be slightly larger and my hands fit comfortably in these. Other than that and the reverse colors on the chart (Black is labeled mc and is represented by a blank or white square. The contrasting color, which is white, is a grey square. Crazy making), it was a fun and fast knit. I of course, modified the pattern slightly by adding a single color cuff. (I just couldn't knit it a 4th and 5th time)
For people who are curious about that sort of thing, the backs:

And one close-up shot of my not very pretty stranded knitting.

One last item of business today before I take off for parts unknown (real life stuff).

Last year I knit a whole lot of Fiber Trends Felted Clogs and I took a picture of them all together before I wrapped them up. This year, I wanted to do the same with all my socks so I've been waiting to wrap. And waiting...and waiting.
I decided that I couldn't wait any longer. It's been driving me crazy to have so much unwrapped so you are getting a couple of things still on the needles. Deal with it, I have to.

As you can see, it pretty much takes up my whole bed. In the back, right corner I have placed the two things that remain on the needles. The Boot Socks for Teri and the scarf for my dad (that's an old project really. It had been gifted already and I'm just adding more length to it.)

I'm still hopeful that I can get done although it's gonna really come down to the wire. Why you ask? This is my to-do list for today:
Coat Angel Food Candy in Almond Bark,
Take a shower,
Wrap all the above presents,
cut and wrap caramels,
Plan dinner and put in crock pot,
Fix hair and makeup,
Have lunch with hubby,
Take hubby back to work so I can have my van,
Gas up said van,
Finish the Boot Socks,
Finish the Super Secret Present (somehow),
Go to crochet night,
not go insane.

There you have it. I keep thinking, if i just keep plugging away (and breathing) that I will somehow make it through the holidays this year. (I hope)

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