Friday, February 27, 2009

Would You Like some Coffee with those eggs?

Those who know me know that I drink coffee pretty much every morning. They also know that I am NOT a morning person.

Well, this morning, I got up and staggered bleary-eyed to the kitchen to start the coffee. Now, I should mention that, since my kitchen is really tiny, I use a little canister to keep the coffee grounds in, then when it gets low or empty, I refill it from the canister in the pantry. That way, it is easily accessible every day and I also don't have to try to find a place to make the larger canister easily accessible.

Today, I took the last scoop of coffee from the little canister to make this morning's pot. That means I have to refill it. (I will spare you the drama of the fact that what was left in the larger canister was not even a full small canister and move on. That means I'm almost OUT of coffee though. That could be a very dire situation.)

For scale (and also for the people who could care less about this story and would like a little fiber content) the canister is pictured here with the Nanners sock that I am working on.

Yes, I am past the heel turn and I am doing the gussets. Thank you for asking.

So, I start the coffee maker and wander to the rest room to brush teeth and wash face. If I don't brush teeth before coffee, it tastes funny. Then I head back to the kitchen and decide to fill the canister while waiting for the coffee to brew.

What I probably haven't mentioned is that I am not the greatest housekeeper. (Takes away from knitting time) I believe in washing dishes only every other day or so and my kitchen is very, very small. (We have talked about that before.) This means that there is a crock pot sitting on my stove waiting to get put away from the other day when I made the soup and that I still had the frying pan sitting on the stove from yesterday's breakfast. The frying pan is not altogether unusual, I often use them several times before I wash them. They are pretty clean and they get heated up so there shouldn't be a danger of food contamination (depending on what you cook in them of course.)

I refill the canister. (Only halfway, but I'm not bitter) and manage to only spill a tiny bit of coffee grounds on the floor. Like 1/8 teaspoon so I am pretty proud of myself. I put the canister away. I get my coffee and go sit down. Once I have drunk about half of the cup of coffee, I am awake enough to begin contemplating breakfast.

Well, I'm trying very hard to be a better person, a person who actually eats breakfast and doesn't just drink coffee until lunch time so yesterday morning I took a small handful of hash browns and made them in one side of the pan while I made a couple of eggs in the other side. It worked really well and was a really filling breakfast. It worked so well and was so good I decided to do the same thing today. Lucky for me, the frying pan was still sitting there.

I sprayed a little no-stick cooking spray in it and put a tiny bit of butter on one side so the hashbrowns would brown nicely and put them in. Then I got out the eggs and waited until I flipped the hash browns (I like them nice and crispy) to add the eggs to the other side of the pan. Pretty soon, it was time to flip the eggs over so I went to do that. Only, there on the back side of the eggs were a few little brown flecks. For a moment I thought, why is this pan cooking things strangely, then I realized, it was coffee grounds.

I'm pretty frugal and I was getting hungry so I didn't want to waste the eggs. There were also quite a few speckles of coffee grounds on it, enough that I didn't want to pick them off. I decided to eat them anyway.

Let's just say I don't think anyone will be inventing coffee-eggs any time soon. It didn't taste quite right.

Maybe tomorrow's breakfast will go better.

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dobarah said...

Call it seasoning! ;~)