Thursday, February 19, 2009

I tried, I really did.

Yesterday after I blogged I had this plan that I was going to at least finish one of the socks in a pair so that I would have something I could post today.

I wasn't feeling well last night though. Kinda stuffy like I might be getting sick and I kept sneezing so I went to lie down. I took the knitting, I swear I did but I didn't get much done because I didn't seem to have enough energy to pick up the needles. Yeah, to pick them up. Maybe I am getting sick.

Then today I conned hubby into doing the dishes by offering to warm up some lunch for him. He is washing right now! (insert evil laugh here) Actually, he does try to help (sometimes) so it was nice of him to do that.

I am on the toe decreases for the first Monkey sock so I *should* have that to show off tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

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