Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Birthday Celebration with Grandpa

Things have been crazy busy around here lately.

I helped my parents with the fish fry at their church then came home to a message that our apartment would be having the City Inspector coming in to check it out and while it probably was just to make sure we weren't living in squalor/meth heads or somesuch, I got totally freaked about it and yesterday we cleaned pretty much ALL day! Um, yeah, at least it's clean.

I have been doing a little knitting but it has mostly been here and there, nothing huge to show for it yet. I'm mostly knitting socks but the weather has been pretty decent here and ya know, it was Valentine's day this past weekend.

Valentine's Day is my grandpa's birthday so we went down to see him on Sunday and went to church with him and then had lunch with him. Including a DQ Ice Cream Cake. YUM! It was nice.

Here is Grandpa Valentine (a.k.a. Val) with his little dog Cricket.

With him being 84 now, and with some pretty big health issues, you never know if that will be the last pic I get to take of him.

Love to grandpas and grandmas everywhere.
I'm gonna go crochet because it's Tuesday.

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