Saturday, February 07, 2009

Off and Running

I arrived home from my parents' house last night with a bit of knitting finished. Not nearly everything I brought along but then again, I always overpack.

The first of Jamie's socks is past the heel turn and now I'm thinking about starting the other and getting it to a similar place.

The Plain ONline sock is somewhat bigger although not even to the heel flap yet. It did have some misadventures though. I popped it into my purse yesterday when mom and I went out to lunch with a family friend and I ended up getting it caught in the purse zipper. Not once but like 3 times. Once it was so badly tangled up that I ended up with broken yarn in two places. I guess I will remember the zippy bag the next time. Oops.

I haven't really touched the Monkey socks at all in the last few days and I haven't even dug out the Pomatomus pattern. I'll get there. Maybe I'll have some free time on Monday while hubby is at work. (hope)

Well, I'm off to get some things done. We're gaming tonight so I should at least try to get ready so I don't look like a fruit loop in my pajamas at a restaurant tonight.

If you see me, I'm probably the one yelling at my yarn because it's stuck in the purse zipper again. Approach with caution.

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