Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spring walks in growing gardens.

So, last night I pushed a little and managed to finish the first Kew sock.

It looks pretty good huh? Please excuse the poor pictures, its snowing here today and its kinda hard to get decent light with the white stuff falling from a grey sky.

Remember how I talked about the striping and how I wasn't sure about it? Yeah, the bottom of the foot striped exactly like I thought it would.

Want to know what I did to get that? Instead of 16 stitches per needle like the top (I knit on 5 dpns) I went to 14 per needle for the bottom of the foot. Overall though, I think the whole sock looks pretty nice and I am very happy with it. It reminds me of spring and that is exactly the push I need this time of year to buck up and get through this last stretch of winter.
(Yeah, today it is snowing and we are supposed to get 6". Winter is definitely not over yet, at least not here.)

I'm looking forward to making the second one and having that elusive "pair" but I am so busy enjoying the yellow of my Nanners socks that I think I will set this one away for a couple of days and knit the sunshiney yarn.

It feels pretty good to actually have one finished though. Lately I have been knitting on so many different projects, some of them larger ones that I just work on here and there, that I haven't been able to finish anything and I needed a little finishing mojo. I'm feeling better now. I will run off and continue to knit on 25 different projects one row at a time now.

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