Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Story Time

Once upon a time there was a sort of obsessed Crafter who came home from Crochet Night exhausted. She stepped into her tiny urban apartment and gratefully smelled the soup that had been simmering away in the crock pot for hours and hours. Since it was 9 pm, she was so glad she had thought ahead and put this soup in the crock pot because she was hungry and had no desire whatsoever to cook. She stepped into her tiny urban apartment's tiny kitchen and ladled some delicious-smelling soup into a bowl, took a piece of cheese and a slice of ciabatta bread and picked up the bowl with the idea that she would sit down and eat. She then spilled extremely hot soup broth all over her hand. At first the Crafter used some unladylike language that will not be repeated here and then she ran cold water over her hand. She managed to get out the ice pack and move to the table to eat but the hand still hurt so she may have been slightly distracted when she finally finished eating her now-cold soup and returned to the kitchen to make some tea for her sore throat. She put the kettle on the burner and turned to find her favorite tea cup. (Please note that the cup this Crafter uses for tea is not the same one she uses for Coffee, although she has no real reason for doing it this way.) At first the Crafter looked in the cupboard but the cup wasn't there, so she looked in the dish rack with the clean dishes, in doing so, she sort of jostled the pile of clean dishes and a frying pan fell down. Not wanting it to fall onto the favorite tea cup (and break it) which she realized had been drying in the sink because the dish rack was full, she grabbed the frying pan. With the sore hand. As she yelped out in pain, the cupboard door, which must not have been shut all the way swung slowly open and as she leaned forward to put the frying pan back on the dish rack (not wanting to deal with clean dishes after the day she was having) she banged her forehead on the corner of the cabinet door. That was when the Crafter picked up her tea cup and filled it with hot water and a tea bag and went to bed. She just plain old gave up on the day. Good thing too.

(Don't worry, the Crafter didn't burn her hand so badly as to impede knitting today.)

I had hoped to have a finished sock to share today but I don't. Instead I will share a picture of what it looks like when you accidentally stand on your ball of yarn while getting up to get another cup of coffee because you are tired because you inexplicably got up when your husband left for work.

*sigh* I might just go back to bed.

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