Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Resurfacing and a movie review.

I didn't mean to disappear off the face of the earth, honest. I just got sort of distracted there for a few days.

Last weekend, hubby went down to see some friends and I opted out and stayed home so I thought I would work on some knitting and have a little fun. I did. The issue, however, was that I knit with cotton for about 2 hours. Yeah. Ow! I hurt my right wrist with a little overuse so I couldn't knit at all for several days. This left me feeling listless and odd. I did get some housecleaning done though. At least I was productive. Then, just as the wrist was slowly starting to not feel like I wanted to rip my own right arm off, I had to make a little trip down to the parents'. We were supposed to go see my grandma and also go down to the Metrodome to see a baseball game. The baseball game included our favorite former babysat player who is now in college. The game changed and the circumstances changed so we didn't get to the game. Then, we were having so much fun playing Canasta and snuggling little fuzzy kitties who have to get fixed next week, that we sort of forgot to go see Grandma. Whooops.

I got home on Saturday, with no knitting whatsoever done, although I did get some cross stitching done on the cross stitch I started to commemorate our wedding. Please ignore the fact that our 4th anniversary is coming up in a couple of months ok.

I was home just in time to change out the dirty clothes for clean ones in my overnight bag and get into the car to head down to see our friends for gaming and an overnight stay. We usually come home on Saturday nights but we were asked if we would stay so we could all go and see a movie on Sunday. Watchmen. I will talk about that travesty later.

I wasn't in that particular game so we played Cribbage instead. It was fun, I haven't played in a REALLY long time so I couldn't remember how and we lost all 3 games. It was still fun. Then we bowled on the Wii.

Sunday morning dawned an hour later thanks to the icky Daylight Savings Time. (Man, do I hate that) and I got ready in time to gather up the friends and get to see the movie at the noon showing. We all wondered where the bad weather was we were supposed to have gotten. It was nowhere to be found. So we went and sat in a dark theater for about 3 hours while we watched the single worst movie I have ever seen.

Let's talk about that, shall we? Okay, I knew the story line would be dark, I was prepared for that. I was also prepared that it would not be a typical superhero movie. Since I am married to a comic-geeky sort of guy, I have seen more than my share of superhero movies, I wasn't expecting the typical. Let me just say, despite my low expectations, I was appalled. I did not want to really see it in the first place and when I noticed the R rating while we were buying my tickets, I should have caught on and picked something else to watch alone while the friends watched this. There was some wonderful cinematography in the movie but most of the time, I was completely lost. The timeline jumped forward and backward so often I got whiplash and mostly had no idea whatsoever what was going on. When I wasn't confused about what time it was, I was appalled at the nudity, graphic sex and overkill violence. I expected the swearing but even that was overdone in my opinion. I was shocked when I saw a family with children under the age of 10 at this movie. I was embarrased to be sitting there watching it and I can't imagine children seeing it. Overall, I wish I could un-see this movie. For me, there was nothing redeeming about it. Hubby enjoyed the special effects which, while I did think they were well-done, did not make it any better or enjoyable in any way for me.

I'm sorry to people to enjoyed it if you are offended but I felt I had to say my piece and this is my place to say it so thank you for your patience.

Today we are getting a snow storm so I will be doing laundry and staying in. (No crochet night tonight due to the weather, but you might be able to see some crochet here tomorrow.)

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