Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thrumming Along

(It just kills me that thrumming along sounds so much like humming along. ha!)
Anyway, last night's babysitting went fine. No hitches and the great thing about babysitting for someone from your knitting group?

You might get paid in yarn. I did.
This is two lovely skeins of a yarn I haven't tried called ON line. It's really pretty and although it says it's made in Italy, some of the writing appears to be in German so I'm not really sure. Each skein is 100g and says its 420 meters though so they should make two pairs of socks. I'm excited to cast on but I joined the Lime & Violet Sock Marathon 2009 on Ravelry so I'm waiting until February 1st to cast on new socks.

It's killing me actually since the only ones I have going (which I'm trying to finish before Feb. 1) are the Monkeys that are ALMOST done (they need part of a toe and that's it) and the Green Lantern socks that are just plain knitting in green and are taking forever.

To take my mind off of that, today I'll be doing something completely different.
I'm following the Yarn Harlot's Thrummed Mitten pattern.

I've assembled the following:

A printout of the pattern,
A very beautiful roving dyed by local knitter. (Blog, Etsy Shop), note that I made one thrum to make sure it would work. I like it.,
A skein of yarn to knit the base of the mittens with. (I debated the color quite a bit but decided the beautiful roving would look best and stand out the most against black.)
My dpns and
A bottle of wine in case things go south (The Lovely Stephanie's pattern calls for Screech but I don't have any and don't know if I can even get it here, so I'm substituting wine.)

Hubby's headed off to work soon so I'll have the place to myself and some quiet. Wish me luck.

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Kasha's Knits said...

Yay! I can't wait to see these mittens finished! I really want to try a pair, but I haven't been brave enough yet.