Thursday, January 01, 2009

Ringing In the New Year

It's an ironic thing, the new year, isn't it?

We had plans last night to go over to a friend's house for the New Year celebration that seems obligatory. We weren't feeling great. Waaaay too tired and worried about the fact that at the warmest part of the day was -3 and our van is 13 years old and it would be at least a half an hour drive there made us decide to stay home.

Hubby spent the evening playing on the computer and I watched my Netflix DVDs. (Lost Season 2. Don't tell me what happens. I haven't been watching that long.) Ironically, we were both up late. I'm tired today but feeling like this year is a good one. Full of hope and promise.

With the government and financial analysts going on about the economy (rightfully so) it's uncertain for many people but I think it has a lot of potential too.

I set down some goals for myself yesterday. Things I want to accomplish in 2009 and so today I'm focusing on those. Although I have found a few minutes to knit (I'll share another day.) I think this year will be a year of personal growth in several areas. One important one will be my health which is a focus this year. I intend to lose some weight so please bear with me if I tend to focus on it a little bit. I'll try not to make it a focus here but it's something I've been wanting to change for quite awhile and now is the time to turn over a new leaf and do it.

Enough about that, the most important thing, the thing I really want to say today is:

Happy New Year from Chez Kalkette to you and yours. :)

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