Saturday, January 24, 2009

Home Alone

Today's thoughts are pretty random so bear with me please.

1. Hubby came home from work and immediately turned around and went out the door again to go to see some friends. I'm staying home because I have a babysitting thing this evening. Somehow it feels different that he is out of town rather than at work. I don't know why.

2. The house is really quiet. It's really strange. It's almost too quiet. I need some music or the TV on or something.

3. Since the house is quiet I can hear every little noise any neighbor makes in the hallway. I don't like this.

4. Yesterday some friends came up to visit and we went to lunch and a couple of stores. They are crafters but I somehow didn't think they would understand travelling sock pictures so I didn't take any. (This usually doesn't bother me.)

5. We ate lunch at Olive Garden and our waiter was weirdly excited when we ordered dessert. It was too funny.

6. I managed to score a half a pound (what is that, like 12,000,000 yards?) of laceweight wool for $3.25. It's really fine and black and wonderful. Someday I will find the perfect pattern for it.

7. We cleaned up (pretty much) the whole apartment in case the ladies wanted to come up to the restroom or whatever. No one did. Oh well, at least it's clean now.

8. I will not mention the other things I bought. Spent too much but had a blast.

9. I did clean the crafting area but it still needs some help. It will get there eventually. I may post before and after pictures one day.

Well, I'd better go make something to eat.

Enjoy the weekend.

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