Monday, January 19, 2009

Home from the last Christmas. Until December at least.

I've been racking my brain all morning as to what I should tell you today. Something interesting is certainly in order, something that is yarn and/or craft related is also good.

I have nothing.

We got back last night from my lovely cousin's house. We had a fun time despite the very little sleep we had. I learned that one-year olds with chicken pox don't mind if you tease them by calling them "spotty, spotty, polka-dotty".

We learned that three-year olds can get a little too wound up and smack their older cousin with a golf club. It was a plastic toy golf club but it still was not well received.

We learned that little girls who are 5 don't understand when an adult is called "Princess" (my real name is Sarah which is Hebrew for Princess so my husband calls me Princess sometimes.)

We learned that dice games are a fun way to do a gift exchange. Even though it was pretty chaotic.

We learned through the card game "Would you Rather..." that my future sister-in-law is afraid of bees because we don't know if she's allergic.

We learned that if Santa Hats are on clearance that some cousins will buy them in lieu of gift bags and fill them with funny adult gifts. Like Beano and a denture bath and a pregnancy test. We further learned that no one will want the pregnancy test and it will get passed from person to person by hiding it in their purse when they aren't looking. It ended up going home with my mother who had a hysterectomy many years ago and so has no possibility of needing it. Never fear, she's mailing it back to my cousin. It's fitting really since her three-year old colored on the box for us.

Much fun (and overeating) was had by all.
There was even some knitting in the car done by me. (Just for the sake of safety I will mention that I was not the driver.)

Nothing got finished though so there isn't anything new to show you. Maybe tomorrow.

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