Friday, January 16, 2009

Packing again

Every once in awhile I get sort of deep. I start thinking about something and my brain delves deep and comes up with these sort of insights that I didn't know were there. I'll give you an excellent example.
This weekend we're going up to my cousin's house. (yes, I'm packing again, arrrgh!)

Now, I may be 29 years old but in my family we divide ourselves into sort of loose age brackets. Although all of us (my 6 cousins, brother and I who are all pretty close) are adults now. My youngest cousin turned 18 in September, we still call our parents the "adults." What's really strange to me is that my cousin Sam (short for Samantha) is hosting Christmas this year. She's hosted before and she and her husband live out in the country now so they have plenty of room for outdoor winter sports that some people participate in. What's strange is that she and I as well as our cousins have become the adults. Time has slipped on and now we are the ones that our children will remember as hosting and baking and such.

What sparked all this is that my aunt requested that I make some Angel Food Candy (some people call it sponge candy) and bring it along because she and my uncle are so hungry for it and to buy it in the store is ridiculously expensive.

Growing up my mom was the one who always did all the baking. She made all these wonderful cookies and candies that everyone would eat way too much of. My grandma might do a few things here and there but it was my mom who did the majority. We also hosted Christmas for many years there.

What struck me today is the shift in responsibility. Yes, my mom still bakes quite a bit and as a matter of fact, I have it on good authority that she baked some chocolate chip cookies to bring along but I'm starting to have my own requests put in for things I make. I try my hand at recipes that my mom makes but she usually still makes her own of those. But I'm the only one who makes the Angel Food Candy and usually the fudge and shortbread cookies and I am definitely the only one who makes the Homemade caramels that have become quite a favorite.

It just seems so strange to me that I am becoming what I remember my mother being when I was growing up. Except I'm just the fun auntie, but you get the point. Time is marching on, whether we want it to or not and I'm becoming more and more the adult. It's a scary, scary thought.

Makes me want to lie down on the floor and kick and scream and beat my fists on the ground, shouting, "I don't wanna!!!" but I won't.

To get off my serious topic, I'm packing knitting (of course). We leave tomorrow morning, drive about and hour and a half and then spend the night and drive home again on Sunday afternoon.
I'm planning to pack:
The Monkey socks I'm knitting for myself,
The Green Lantern socks I'm knitting for hubby,
Something else that I'm not sure what it will be yet but this:

is calling to me from the stash. I think (I got it on clearance at the yarn store and it didn't have a label) that it might be a Lorna's Laces and there's tons of yardage, my arm hurts from winding it but I'm not sure yet what it wants to be.

P.S. I looked on Ravelry and I think it might be Lorna's Laces Fisherman Solid. 500 Yards! Whoo hoo!

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