Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chastising the projects

Dear Current Projects (especially the green socks and the Monkey socks and the kinda teal and yellow thing),

I don't know why you are persisting in being so darned unproductive. I've put every effort into working on you as much as possible but sometimes, you have to make dinner, or wash the dishes or fix your closet.

I understand Teal and yellow thing that there was some frogging last night and restarting ensued. You have been somewhat better behaved but tell me this, if I move up a hook size (or two) shouldn't I be able to get MORE done? hmm?! In the same amount of time with about the same amount of distractions?

The green socks too. Yeah, you, hiding over there next to the printer. I've been working on you every single time I sit down at the computer to read blogs or play Molehill Empire or Plurk (I warn you, those sites are extremely addictive. If you click, don't blame me when whole days of your life are spent planting virtual lettuce.) Why aren't you any bigger? I should have been at the heel flap long before now! What's going on?

I can't take much more of this duplicity. Don't think I'm not above shoving all of you in a basket and finally casting on Vivian or working on that new white cotton. I will.

Show me some love or you get the boot.


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