Thursday, January 15, 2009

Still trying to finish

I've been pretty quiet about what I've been knitting lately. I just feel like I should have more finished things to show off so here goes.
Two whole finished things!

Thing the first:

Please excuse how awful I look in this picture and note that I have cropped out my face. Hubby took it at my parents' house and while he loves me and thinks i look nice all the time, I do not. I am also wearing my pajamas. A cute flannel set given to me for Christmas last year.

Here it is from the back too. Again, ignore how bad I look. I am only wearing it the one way in these pictures because I like it like this. I'm pretty happy with it so here are the specs:
The Pattern: Versatility
The Needles: I used Bamboo Size 11 circulars. I believe they are 29" long and were plenty big. I also used a size 10.5 dpn as a cable needle.
The Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick in Charcoal (an inexpensive yarn found on sale, bringing the cost of this project WAY down)
The recipient: Are you kidding? ME!
Other Stats: I bought 32 buttons about 1" wide. They work pretty well but when I wear it like above, I button the front button and the back button for more stability. I just grabbed a ribbon I had lying around to try it out. I'm not sure what color I will "really" use when I wear it.
Notes: I was concerned that a "chunky" yarn would make me look more chunky than I already am. It actually looks pretty good. I also have to say that I could completely see myself knitting another one out of a regular worsted weight and modifying the pattern accordingly. I just think it's so useful.

Thing the Second:
Autumn Colors Scarf

The color in this picture is not accurate though so check out this one:

The Stats:
The Pattern: One-Row Homespun Scarf from our illustrious Yarn Harlot.
The Yarn: Patons Decor in Autumn Varg (almost two skeins)
The Needles: Knit on US size 6 bamboo straights
The Recipient: This will be going to my lovely cousin and best friend Samantha this weekend.
Notes: Not much to say about this. I like the pattern a lot and like the colors too. I made it 37 stitches wide (I think, I fiddled around until I was happy with the color changes.)

My attempt at an artistic shot.

Ah, lovely. Makes me feel like I'm actually getting somewhere.

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