Friday, December 27, 2013

In the Midst of the Holiday Madness

It's been a lovely holiday so far. We still have one family gathering to go and a lovely meal with friends. Sadly we also have a funeral to attend this weekend but I'm going to focus on the nice things instead.
I finished one of the ruffle scarves and I've gotten back to working on the second one.

The niece who this one is for will definitely love it, the other is a teenager so it's anyone's guess. I had a lovely family party though, some highlights included the nieces and nephews with the cookies I made them.

Here is what they looked like before the little ones got their hands on them.

The best part was when the sweet-hearted little one on the left said he didn't want to eat it, he wanted his picture with it. We had to prove we had pictures so he could eat it now.

Papa helped the little one eat.

My dear Handsome husband read stories and ran up and down the hall with all of them.

I knit while my niece crocheted.

The other niece had a fancy glass for her juice (with a little help from Grandma).

I gave myself a break and started some new socks. These are a simple cabled sock, top down and knit out of some lovely bright nom yarn called Darling Clementine. I really have no idea what I will wear these with but they will be lovely and soft.
I also started some new Vesper socks.

It's Smoke on the Water and a basic toe-up sock.

Then we had a lovely light snowfall yesterday and headed for home. It's off again tonight we will stay with friends then attend the funeral tomorrow but we will be done with all these holiday celebrations in less than a week, we can make it! As lovely as they all are, they are exhausting too.

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