Saturday, December 14, 2013

Don't Get Cocky

Do you remember a few years ago when I posted the list of rules for your Christmas knitting? Anyone? Well one of them was; Don't get cocky (Number 5, I looked it up.) You would think after years of my trying to shower my loved ones with woolies I would have learned this lesson. I worked so very hard to get my Cool Beans socks caught up this week and I finally did. I was cruising along (after a minor incident where I had to rip back the heel that was not centered on the bottom side of the foot) and I was excited that they were just a few days from being done.
Last night the handsome husband and I went to the local Orchestra concert. Not just as audience members, although it would have been worth it just for that, but because our local community choir was going to sing the Hallelujah Chorus at the end. It was a beautiful concert, the local Orchestra was fabulous and we had tons of fun singing the Hallelujah Chorus. I can't say if we were great. I think we didn't suck and that's about all I can say for sure, without getting cocky. When we got home we decided it was high time to break into the Holiday movies and started watching something together. When I couldn't take working on this nightmare any longer.

Have I not mentioned this? That could be because I'm trying to avoid it at all costs. I bought a couple skeins of this ruffle yarn awhile back with the idea to make scarves for a couple of the nieces for Christmas. I have 4 nieces and only 2 are getting scarves. Hopefully they are getting scarves, if I can bring myself to finish them.
Rather than cutting the entire skein to bits in a fit of rage (Why does it keep twisting up so badly? How exactly am I supposed to grab one side if it twists like that? How do people "love" this "yarn" and get excited to make these things? Yes, I have heard some people say that.)
Anyway, I decided to work on the Bean socks for awhile, get ahead a bit. Wouldn't it be lovely and a weight off my mind if I finished them early? I knit an entire bean. Then looked at it.

It looks lovely doesn't it? That second bean on the leg? Hahaha, these will be done in plenty of time. I could maybe even add another project to my list to get done before Christmas, I could do anything. Queen of the Knitting!
Oh, wait. Weren't there supposed to be increases? Surely they start after this lovely bean I spent over an hour knitting. I dig the first sock out of the bag and examine it.

Nope. They start at the beginning of the second bean on the leg. That means the entire bean I just knit needs to be ripped. It was at that point that I stuffed them into their bag and spent the rest of the evening spinning, ignoring the Christmas Knitting Schedule (of Doom) altogether.
I seriously considered just ignoring the fact that I was knitting them at all but that would be immature. I intend to rip back this afternoon.

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