Tuesday, December 17, 2013

This Gift Thing Still Remains Possible

I'm making slow but steady progress on lots of things around here. First, the stepdad socks got finished.

I can assure you they look much nicer than they appear in this photo. They will be well-loved too. I'm glad they are done, it gave me a little more time to focus on the Cool Beans socks.

Tah dah! I'm so happy with these and they fit so well that it's a good thing I genuinely love my mom or they would be staying to warm my own feet.
For those who like to see the inside;

The floats aren't too shabby. They also got blocked today. Sometimes with gift socks I don't block (the ones for my step dad won't be blocked) but I really want these to be as amazing as they are when the package is opened.
It's a good thing both of those are done because I still have.

A pair of sportweight socks, seen here while I made Caramels yesterday.
I also have a hat but it still looks like this:

To be honest, it hasn't even been designed yet. This one will be pushing it. I've got to try though. We're at a week to go. That's not all that crazy for sportweight socks and a hat right?
(Don't tell me if it is.)

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Anonymous said...

You're giving the Yarn Harlot a run for her money. :) You go, Sarah!