Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Sampling the Wayfarer

I've been making some decent progress on the projects I currently have on the needles. I finished the sparkly black handwarmers for the choir-mate and they are living with her now. You can't see the sparkles a whole lot but I promise you they are very sparkly. If you'd like more information on them, you can see the project page here. I basically put the whole (very simple) pattern in the project notes.

Please ignore the large amount of recycling behind me. The husband keeps promising to take it out.
I also finished the socks I was knitting for a church buddy and they are living with her already. Remember them from last week?

Well, they're finished and gone now. I forgot to take a finished picture of them though.
I'm working slowly on Christmas projects and I'm doing a sample knit. An online friend works for Made in America yarns and put out a call awhile back for sample/test knitters. I agreed to do a sample knit and I'm working away on it. She sent me a couple skeins (two because we aren't sure if one will be enough) of their fingering weight yarn; Wayfarer. It's a beautiful yarn and knitting up into the Brigit pattern beautifully. The color we decided on is called Meadow and it's a lovely bright sage green.

You can see how lovely it looks in the cables (on our fresh, new snow).
Made in America Yarns grows and processes their yarn here in America and they make lovely stuff. This Wayfarer is 100% wool fingering-weight yarn, the skein is 3.5 ounces and 382 yards. The yarn almost looks like a tight cotton-like twist at first but it has a lovely bounce and it's knitting up quickly and beautifully.

I can't wait for these lovely socks to be done because I think they're going to be wonderful! Of course they have to make a trip back to the mill for a photo shoot but then they get to come live with me again. Very exciting!

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