Thursday, December 12, 2013

Returned to the Regular Schedule

This week has been a little odd. I was so far behind at the beginning, I was starting to think that sending people notes saying we wouldn't make it for Family Holiday celebrations was a good idea. I have successfully drunk enough coffee and ignored enough housework that I can safely say I am on schedule.
The lovely sample socks were finished and mailed off on their adventure. Then I turned to the other biggie on my list.
Last year I started knitting the Cool Beans socks for my mom. They were not done in time for Christmas. When I started thinking of knitting anything colorwork this year, they were glaring at me. I knit no other colorwork. I decided it was high time to get them out and finished so I started back in November. That was good because I was still on the first sock. Last week I sat down and scheduled my Christmas knitting and took a good look at them. I set an amount to knit each day to space them out so it wasn't so overwhelming.

Today I am right where I should be. I'm on schedule because the last couple of days I spent little time doing anything else. Why do I feel that?

It's the second sock. I have only to knit the six bean repeats up the leg and the ribbing and the second one is done. I have scheduled myself to knit one bean repeat per day. A completely reasonable goal.
Now maybe I can get to the wrapping of other gifts or possibly baking or something like that. Although I won't be doing the laundry. I think the washer is broken. Let's not talk about it, the thought makes me sort of woozy.

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FrancesandtheBee said...

Cool socks! And yipee for reasonable goals! (I seem to be running low on those lately.)