Thursday, January 02, 2014

Ravenclaw Riot!

Happy New Year! Is everyone making great New Year's resolutions? I have made a very few and none of them are very outlandish, mostly ones I've been working on awhile. Like trying to do something artistic every day. I even joined a group called the Documented Life Project that gives us weekly prompts.
Enough about that though, I'm also a brand new Harry Potter student! The Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup sorting has taken place and the new assignments are up. I participated last term (Fall 2013; September, October and November) as a NQFY or Not Quite first year. I had a blast and when the time came to sign up and be sorted again, I did and was sorted into Ravenclaw! It's very exciting and I'm greatly enjoying getting to know all my fellow Ravenclaws.
I even have a Detention all ready to turn in; the second square on my handspun Mitered Crosses blanket.

Detention is a project that was started previously and finished during the term. I can count one square as one "project" since they are made separately and to maintain your sorting status you just need to complete one start-to-finish project and turn it in for a class per month. I didn't find it difficult at all last term since it can be as simple as a dishcloth or small project. Now that I'm sorted into a house I am competing with my fellow Ravenclaws to earn points for our house towards winning the house cup so I definitely want to try to turn in as much as I can.
I had plenty of knitting time yesterday while celebrating Christmas with my in-laws and I even finished another square!

This is the third square and will be turned in for my homework on my first class, I haven't looked particularly closely at the prompts yet so I haven't decided which class. Hopefully I can get another one or two classes done since I have cast on something else too.

Yup, another double-knit hat. This time for the dear Handsome Husband. He seems to have misplaced his other hat and it's been very cold here so he needs something to keep from freezing off those ears. That plus the two pairs of socks I cast on when the Christmas knitting was done mean my hands should be plenty busy this month.

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