Saturday, January 25, 2014

Let's Start Documenting

I finished plying my lovely blue yarn and I've forgiven it almost everything.

After washing it's pretty well-balanced and it came out to be about 850 yards. I'm pretty happy with that.

I am doing better with my wrist but I'm still going fairly easy on it so I've been focusing on doing more artwork. I've missed it so much and it's wonderful to be getting to it! I joined a group on Facebook called the Documented Life Project. (The challenges are also posted on so even if you don't have Facebook, you could still participate.) The group recommends using a Moleskine yearly planner and then they provide weekly prompts. I started out using my lovely giant notebook that I use for everything but quickly found that it's not realistic to use as a planner anymore. It's gotten so stuffed full and bulky that I really can't carry it everywhere any more and so I was considering options.
Then the magic happened. Someone in the lovely Documented Life group offered to send someone a Moleskine planner that she had purchased. She didn't really go into if it was extra or if she decided to use something else but it was meant to be. She sent it to me.

It's slim and sleek and lovely. I'm very excited to get going on using it and getting caught up on the weekly prompts. I may decorate the cover, as so many lovely others have done, or I may not but I will be updating here with information about my take on the weekly prompts. I can't wait!

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