Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Trouble with Laceweight

Spinning warms my heart and I find my lovely wheel is rarely allowed to sit empty. Even if it's just a few minutes break here and there, I love having something on the wheel to spin for a bit.
The trouble comes when you get ambitious of course. I've had a hankering to spin a lovely laceweight and I finished the first bobbin the other day. Then I spun and spun and spun and thought about how sick of this lovely bright blue semi-solid I am but I wasn't done yet so I kept slogging along. Finally, finally I finished the second bobbin.

My love for it and excitement at the prospect of something lovely and blue and possibly lacy was almost restored. I mean, check out the gauge of those singles.

That's an American Dime for scale. You can't beat it.
I'm usually not one to wait the required time to ply but I wanted lovely yarn so I forced myself to wait. This morning when I woke up for no reason at the utterly awful hour of 6 am (when you have no reason to get up that early why would you?) I could resist it's siren song no longer. I would just ply it up quick....
Anyone else see the flaw in that logic?

It's not quick. Plying laceweight takes a long time. A really, really long time. A "movie marathon" length of time. I'm ready to be done but as you can see, I'm not done. There's a long way to go and real things I would also like to get done today.
We'll see if the real life things get done. Who can resist laceweight? (I'm starting to think about exclusively spinning bulky two-ply. I don't think it will take though, this yarn will be lovely and renew my desire for lovely, tiny spinning to accompany lovely, tiny knitting.)

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