Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Still Behind

So, I'm a NaNoWriMo participant this year. I did it in 2006 but didn't end up finishing and this year I thought it would be fun to give it another go. Yeah, fun.
Due to my going out of town last week, I didn't get Nearly enough done in the way of writing, putting me quite far behind this week. I'm working to get caught up but I really don't know where I thought all the rest of the things I had to do would go.
I still have to make dinners and clean up the kitchen and the house and all the other things that happen around here. Plus, it's nearly impossible to write when my husband is home. He's always interrupting me and making noise and driving me crazy. I'm lucky if I can get half as much done in the same amount of time.
Tuesdays are meant to be for crochet and I'm thinking about crochet but I haven't touched it yet today because I've been busy. Our maintenance guy is coming to cover the air conditioner for the season tomorrow and I don't want it to look like a pigsty so I'm unpacking and organizing as fast as I can, while thinking about crocheting and thinking about writing.
Yesterday my story did grow in leaps and bounds. In the morning I had a mere 500 and something words and I'm over 5000 now so I can make progress but it's not an easy task and over half of what I wrote yesterday is probably complete crap. I'll deal with that in editing. The point right now is just to get it all on paper.
What about the Christmas project update you ask?
What? Are you kidding me?? I'm cleaning. Maybe tomorrow.

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