Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I've been wracking my brain since I got up this morning to see if there is anything I can take a picture of to show you. Everything looks exactly the same.
I went to crochet night last night and I worked on Mom K's throw. The new strip looks exactly like the other strip. I knit on Dad K's Austermann Step Socks, the second sock looks exactly like the first sock. I'm not even at the ever so exciting heel flap or heel turn. I'm just knitting around and around on the leg so there's nothing there. I have no cute kittens at my apartment who have done adorable things and my husband lying around in his underwear is not fit for internet pictures. I've got nothing.
I've been working hard on my NaNo novel to try to get back to a respectable place in my word count. It's slowly growing. I found hubby's old laptop that doesn't work real well but does at least allow me to snuggle under the blankets in bed and write there. At least I'm more comfortable, even though the ancient battery requires that you keep it constantly plugged in. Speaking of novel writing though, that brings me to the title of this post. What is it about writing that doesn't look like anything? I can write like crazy when hubby is not home but if he's in the house, there are 25 million distractions. He has the TV on, he won't stop talking to me or asking me what's for dinner or singing along to the musical he's watching (this is an actual occurrance. He was watching some show about the Army Musical groups in WWII and singing along because he remembers watching it when he was a kid.) Then this morning as I was settling in to try to get started writing, he asks me if I want breakfast, then comes back to ask if I would please fill his water bottle as he's running behind schedule. Seriously, dude, I'm working! What is it about staring diligently at the computer and typing frantically before the ideas fall out of your head that doesn't look like work? Does anyone know?

He's off work tomorrow. Pray for me. I'll be the one in the closet with the laptop trying to get some peace and crying because I still haven't broken 10,000 words.

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