Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day

Today is November 4 and it's Election day for those of us here in the United States. It's a pretty important one too. We are electing our president so please go out and vote. I've already been. As evidenced by my I voted sticker. Shown here:

It's pictured with my finished Regia socks.
The specs:
The Pattern:
My usual made up 3x1 rib pattern. Easy to knit since I know the pattern well. (I made it up.)
The Needles:
US Size 2. Knit mostly on Brittany Birch needles which aren't my favorite and then one Bamboo was added since one of my Brittanys broke.
The Yarn:
Regia 4-Fach Haltbar in color: 5753. I used two skeins and have a small amount leftover.
The Size:
Knit to Men's size 10

The Recipient: My dad who will get these for Christmas.
My Notes: I like this yarn pretty well. It wasn't as great as I thought it would be but it might just be project ennui that has me saying that. I honestly love the socks and I think my dad will love them too so it's all good. I would definitely use this yarn again. :)

Whew, one more Christmas gift finished.

In other news: I had a horrible weekend. For the most part it was fun. We went down to our friends' house on Friday night for our Halloween Celebration. It was pretty fun and I scored a cute pic of our friends all dressed up but I don't have their permission so I prolly shouldn't post it. Then, the unfun part started. Hubby got sick. As in: Up ALL night sick. Throwing up. We still stayed at his parents' that night and then pretty much all of Sunday. We got home around 9 and I proceeded to be up all night sick. Yesterday hubby was still somewhat iffy and I was really sick so he stayed home and took care of me. I'm still somewhat iffy but I'm eating saltines and drinking water so I *should* be able to make it to crochet night tonight. Here's hoping!
That's why, even though I signed up and I'm all gung ho, my NaNoWriMo Word count is 0. I'm Kalkette there as well so feel free to friend me there if you wish. Now I'm off to try to get some writing done.

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