Thursday, April 12, 2007

Firk, ding blast

Well, we went down to the twin cities in the nasty snowstorm in order to go to a funeral of a friend's father. The funeral was yesterday and my wonderfully talented hubby (I'm not biased or anything, I swear) sang. It was very sad and everyone, including him, cried when he sang Wonderful World. (Like the one by Louis Armstrong). I brought my Harlotty goodness socks along to knit in the car and they are coming along nicely (photos will come soon, I promise) but here's why the title of this post is Firk, Ding Blast! I think I may have lost my Baudelaire sock. The one that's finished. I had it in my overnight bag in a ziploc with the partially completed one and now the done one is missing. I'm hoping that I just left it here in the house somewhere but I'm very upset. It had better not be gone entirely!

In order to distract you from the very irritating fact that I lost my sock, I shall instead regale you with a picture of a quilted table topper that I made for my mother.
Her favorite color is fuscia and her kitchen is sage green. The colors aren't quite right in the picture but it's kinda neat and she loves it. It sits on her island in the middle of her kitchen.
Anyway, I'd better go. I'm off to a friend's house for some weeknight gaming.

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