Monday, April 16, 2007

Finished and loved project

Well, it's Monday and I think I may have survived the weekend. I'm not really sure yet as I haven't left the house in three days. Normally, this would have me feeling like a cooped up wild animal of some sort, but since this cold has knocked me utterly on my tuckus, I am mostly trying to just survive the day. The hacking cough and phlegm preventing me from breathing through my nose is lovely, let me tell you. I won't go into further details as it's rather disgusting. Suffice to say (In best whiny voice) "I don't FEEL well."

To keep you all updated and not bored. I will share a picture of the newest pair of socks. They are knit with Trekking XXL yarn on size US 2 needles.

I call them my harlotty trekking socks because I specifically went to the yarn store to find yarn that I thought looked "harlotty" to knit while going to the Yarn Harlot event. I tried to make them match and quite obviously (despite the poor color of the picture) they don't match. I decided I sort of like them that way. They are "quirky" Anyway, I love them with a kind of passion I reserve only for socks that don't match but that I have created for myself. They are beautiful and I will wear them with pride. Although maybe with pants so they don't show. Hee hee. (My workplace is an office and I feel these may be a bit too "unique" for the people that I work with.)
Stay tuned for a boring picture of the sweater I'm knitting for my niece's birthday in September.
Maybe if I just keep starting projects, I will have a reason to survive this phlegm and continue on with life.

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