Thursday, April 05, 2007

Chock full of harlotty goodness

Well, I made it down to St. Paul for the Yarn Harlot's talk and book signing. It was absolutely amazing. Living like I do out here in the boonies of Minnesota, I feel like I am all alone but being in a room with 400 knitters made me feel like I was really a part of a community. It was so awesome. I had the most fun knitting ever. I got done with work at 2:00 and raced in the wintry, windy weather down to pick up my mother. I should note at this point that I thought I was dragging a crocheter into a large group of knitters (possibly to be mauled) simply because I wanted to have a navigatory in urban traffic. We streaked down to the spot and found a parking space. We walked the two blocks over to the yarn store that was sponsoring the event (The Yarnery, very cool store. If you're ever in St. Paul, definately stop in.) and I talked myself out of spending an obscene amount of money on yarns that I can't find in my very teeny local yarn store. We walked out of the yarn store in plenty of time so that we could walk back over to the auditorium where we would be seeing the Harlot. It was extremely cold and we stopped off at Starbucks for a cup of coffee on the way. We arrived at about 6:00 and the talk was scheduled for 7:00. Thank goodness that we were there early because we hadn't realized that we were supposed to have R.S.V.P.'d we got on standby. I got number 7 and my mom got number 8. We sat quietly in the hallway and waited to see if we could get in. I thought that even if we couldn't, we would at least still get to hear her from out in the hall and I could still get my book signed. I was feeling like, I hope I haven't driven all this way for nothing, but then we heard about two lovely ladies who had driven in from Boston. That's right, freaking BOSTON for the event. I didn't feel bad about maybe not getting in then.

We did get in and sat in the back. It was so much fun. She's a funny and realistic person. My mom even had a blast laughing and joking with all of us. After her talk and the questions, we stood in line to have my book signed and waited super patiently for that. I started to get really excited when we could see her at the front of the line.

She had her amazing bohus sweater with her and we got to see it. When she talks about fine yarn on tiny needles, she's not freaking kidding. I think I would have gone blind trying to knit that. Holy Cow!

I got my book signed and my picture taken with Stephanie. She is a super cool person and she seems like the kind of person that we would totally be friends with. (She's down-to-earth and loves coffee and chocolate, what's not to love?!) It's a bit weird to finally meet her in person because it feels like you already know her if you read her blog.

Tomorrow, I'll show you the yarn I got from the Yarnery. In the meantime. Here is the picture of me and the Yarn Harlot.
It was a total blast and made me feel like a part of something bigger. What an amazing feeling.

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