Sunday, April 15, 2007

Alive and Knitting

I am still alive and I'm here, still knitting. I have just been knocked flatter than a pancake by a nasty cold. I spent all day yesterday lying in bed knitting my little fingers to the bone. I thought I had better come back and give the photo I promised. Of the Fleece Artist yarn from the Yarnery ( It's so gorgeous and the picture doesn't even begin to do justice to the amazing colors of this fabulous yarn. I also bought a skein of lace yarn but I can't find the picture of that right now.
This yarn is so amazingly gorgeous I may just eat it instead of knit with it.
I almost started a pair of socks with the lovely purply plum one but I almost don't feel worthy of knitting with it.
I will eventually, never fear but I almost just want to hoard this and made it my little pet yarn. (hee hee I just typed yarn as yearn. Was that a Freudian slip or what). I'll keep you posted on the progress of these skeins as I decide what pattern to use for them. Meanwhile, wait on the edge of your seat for tomorrow when I show you the Harlotty trekking socks that I finished yesterday. (I call them this because I knit them at the Yarn Harlot event)

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