Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Rib Away, Repeat Until Sick of It

The Hitchhiker is done and blocked and everything. I love it! I even wore it this weekend when I was down at my parents' and it kept my neck lovely and warm while 4-wheeling. Sometimes that wind is just too cold.

I really love how the stripes get shorter too. It was such a fun knit, I really can't wait to knit another one.
Time with family is wonderful but it doesn't make for a whole lot of knitting time. It's really hard to help your two-year old niece ride her bike and knit.
I did manage to finish the second half of the back on my wispy cardi. I sewed up the sleeves and tried it on, it fits great! Then I picked up all the stitches around and started on the ribbing. I'm trying to be very casual about the ribbing because there is a lot of it and I don't want to stress out about it. So far it's working great. I have over an inch of ribbing (the pattern calls for 3 altogether) and it doesn't feel like I've worked on it all that much. I'm hoping this means I won't get too sick of it by the time I'm done.

It really doesn't look like much of anything yet but it's so soft, I'm loving how it feels.

The weather has been chilly again the last couple of days so I'm still hoping to wear this sweater on May 11th at Shepherd's Harvest Festival but I'm not holding my breath. I suppose I'll live if the sun is shining too warmly for me to wear it.
I love how the yarn is knitting up too, the little spots of lighter blue are just lovely. I'm also officially more than a third of the way done because that is the second ball of yarn I'm knitting up now. I pulled from the center on the first ball and found the outside just a tiny bit felted at the end so I'm pulling from the outside on this second ball. It's not my favorite way to do it (I don't love how it tends to roll around then) but I will make it work. It does mean the sweater itself could and probably will felt a little bit so I'm prepared for that.

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