Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Return from the Long Weekend

I didn't get nearly as much knitting done as I would have liked this weekend because I had a terrible migraine on Saturday and Sunday. Thankfully my lovely husband took wonderful care of me (partly by letting me eat too many milk duds. Oops) and I felt much better yesterday. I did manage to spin while not feeling well though, mostly by feel and I finally finished the yarn for my Lala's Simple Shawl. It's Gritty Knits Merino from the Merino of the month club in March of 2012. I have a friend who didn't love her braid so she traded me meaning I had 8 ounces. This is so out of my color comfort zone that I'm not sure what I love so much about it but I do love it. I got about 530 yards of a nice worsted weight and I adore it. I already washed it so it just needs to be wound and cast on but I'm feeling a little guilt from last week's startitis so I haven't actually taken the plunge yet.

I also managed to finish my short socks.

They still feel a little stiff and unyielding so I'm still hoping they will soften with washing because my hands ache just thinking about knitting on them so I'm not sure if I will end up keeping them. They are perfectly nice socks, I just have bad memories so if they don't behave they'll be given away. I love the pattern Pink Chocolate also by Laura Linneman but I did not love the yarn or the knitting of them. I definitely need to knit them again soon in a happier yarn.
I'm also holding off because I bought WendyKnits Summer Mystery Shawl and I'm thinking I would like to knit that as part of the KAL this summer but I seem to get behind on KALs so I'm not sure that I will make the effort. First I need to decide what yarn I would use though. That might be at least one step in the right direction.
I'll have to decide about that later because today is my eighth wedding anniversary and it sorta snuck up on us this year so I'm going to make a nice dinner for us at least.

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